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Brandston Partnership Inc. (BPI), an award winning architectural lighting design firm, has completed over 5,000 projects in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The client list and number of honors BPI received give testimony to the quality of design work BPI has contributed to these projects. BPI has an extraordinary diversity of experience at every scale and virtually every project type, and the work ranges from jewel-box boutiques, intimate cafés and small apartments, to insightful historic restorations, technically demanding aquaria and major city planning projects. In the last half century, BPI has been selected as the lighting designer for some of the world's most prestigious projects. 

BPI has a very professional team, including thirty employees based in New York, and hundred fourty based in China and Singapore, all the team members have a strong education backgroud in architecture, interior design, engineering and theater, with primary interest in architectural lighting design. 

BPI is an early and loyal customer for the Norming PSA Cloud service. When the cloud service was launched in October 2017,  it was recommended to the top executives of BPI as a better solution to integrate the key business process and to maximize the utilization of project resources.  The Norming PSA Cloud service was implemented to cover the both points with the following functionalities:
1. Customers and Contracts Management;
2. Project Work Breakdown & Scheduling;
3. Project Resource Assignment & Planning;
4. Project Deliverables Tracking & Notification;
5. Project Task & Team Collabrations;
6. Expense Entry & Reimbursement Process;
7. Contract Billling Process & Accounts Receivable;
8. Much more...

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