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Gleeds is a world-class independent property and construction consultancy with 130 years' experience. With 71 offices in 20 countries over 6 continents, Gleeds is very much a global consultancy service provider. Each and every one of those offices is staffed by local people with very specific experience and expertise. Gleeds unites local talent with global know-how to help clients meet challenges across countries, throughout regions and without borders. For more informatrion about Gleeds, please visit the website

Gleeds established a branch company in Shanghai in November 2003 to provide the construction consultancy service for the mainland China market. The rapid growth of business and organization brought a big challenge to the project costing and billing process. In mainland China, the consultancy service is usually billed at fixed price, and additional short term service could be billed per the worked hours and agreed billing rate. The project-related travel expense should billed to customers on actual basis.  

Gleeds Shanghai is one of the early and loyal customers that have been running the Norming PSA Cloud service since September 2015. Norming PSA not only automates the project costing and billing process, but also accelarates the business efficiency of the Shanghai operations. The Norming PSA Cloud was implemented to cover the following key process:

1. Maintains Contract and Billing Schedule;
2. Initiates Projects with Cost Estimates;
3. Timesheet Entry and Approvals;
4. Expense Entry and Approvals;
5. Billing Process and Accounts Receivable;

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