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Atlas Elektronik LLC is a maritime high-technology enterprise with German roots and a global footprint. The know-how and expertise in the fields of hydroacoustics, sensor engineering and information technology have made us the preferred supplier to numerous navies and civilian customers worldwide. As a specialist for underwater acoustics, Atlas Elektronik LLC is the market and technology leader in many sectors. For more information about Atlas Elektronik LLC, please visit the website

Norming PSA was introduced in December 2017 to manage the Atlas Elektronik opertions in United Arab Emirates.   Norming PSA was deployed on premise to automate the key business process and and regulate HR-related process.   

The key business process includes:
1. Sales Contracts Management and Tracking, 
2. Project Price Forecasting and Cost Budgeting,
3. Purchase Order Approval and Purchase Invoicing,    
4. Employee Timesheet Entry and Approval,  
5. Employee Expesne Entry and Approval, 
6. Project Costing and Billing Process. 

The HR-related process includes: 
1. Leave Request and Approval, 
2. Travel Request and Approval,
3. Payroll and Gratuity Calculation.

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