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Mazars entered the China market in 1997 with the first office established in Beijing, and the Shanghai and Guangzhou office set up in 2002 and 2007 respectively.  In the past 23 years, Mazars China has achieved a significant organization and business growth. In early 2016, a leading accounting firm in mainland China officially joined Mazars to establish a large accounting firm with 30 offices, more than 4000 professionals, and 100 partners in Greater China. For more information about Mazars China, please visit the website

Mazars China engaged with Norming Software in June 2005 for developing a web-based project and timesheet management system, and migrated to the Norming PSA system in July 2011 for building a complete business management portal, which includes customer relationship management, project management, document management, project accounting, and human resource management. 

An independent business intelligence software was integrated with Norming PSA for dashboard-based business analysis or forecasting.

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