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RSM China


Publish Date:2020-07-30 00:00

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Established in 2008, RSM China is a large accounting firm with the license to audit public securities and futures companies, license to audit finance related professional work, and license to audit super large state-owned enterprises. 

The firm is a member of RSM International, which is the 7th largest global audit, tax and consulting network. RSM China is headquartered in Beijing, and operating with more than 2000 employees in 15 branch offices across mainland China. For more information about RSM China, please visit the website

To back the fast-growing organization and business for a long term, Norming PSA was implemented in May 2015 to automate and regulate the practice management of the entire firm. The implemented functionalities include:
1.  Clients and Contacts Management;
2.  Tenders and Engagements Tracking;
3.  Project Initiation and Planning;
4.  Project Deliverables Tracking;
5.  Project Documents Management;
6.  Document Archives Management;
7.  Timesheet Entry and Approval;
8.  Expense Entry and Approval;
9.  Billing Process and Accounts Receivable.

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