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Deployed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, the Norming PSA Cloud delivers a robust, scalable and affordable business management service, which is charged by a subscription-based price. Free from any investment in hardware or software to run Norming PSA, the only price is USD99.00 for each named-user on a yearly basis.

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Named Users: 100
Over 500

Years: 1 Year
3 Years

Cost  $58,800yuan


    1. A subscription agreement shall be signed up for 10 named users at least.     
    2. Data and file storage space costs USD300 per year for 1000GB .
    3. Implementing the basic functionalities as below takes up to 5 days
    4. The suggested daily charge rate is USD500.00.

 Basic Functionalities

ModuleFunctionalityDescriptionMan Days
Personnel & AdministrationEmployee Maintenance

Enter or import employee records, maintain employee information and terminates employees.

3 to 5
Company DirectoryList the employee records by entity or tags, display the employee name and contact information.
News Bulletin

Display newsletters or surveys publised by authoized employees. 

Document Library

Maintains document directory and permisions. Search, preview, upload and download documents.

CRMCustomer Maintenance

Enter or import custome records, maintain customer information and review the customer transactions.

Contract Management

Maintain sales contracts and track the contract status. Raise invoice requests or project initiation request.


Project Templates 

Manintains one or more project templates with default WBS, tasks, resources, milestones and deliverables.

Project Initiation RequestsSet up one or more project initiation request approval workflows, and assign it to project template.
Project Task SchedulingMaintain the work break structure, and plan the start & end date of each task, specify the task connections.
Project Resource PlanningDisplay the employee assignment status, and assign employees to specific project and task.
Timesheet Entry & ApprovalEnter/ approve timesheet to allocate employee's worked hours on specified project and task.
Expense Entry & ApprovalEnter/ approve expense entry to allocate employee's cash expenditure on specified project and task.
Project CostingCalculate the labor cost and expense of projects by posting of timesheet or expense entry.



Deliverables NumberingSet up a numbering rule to have the deliverables number generated automatically per the predefined rule. 
Deliverables TypesSet up one or more deliverables types, and create the deliverable record per the predefined rule. 
Deliverable Review

Set up the deliverables review workflow to get deliverables approved by the specified employees.

Deliverables Change

Set up the deliverables change workflow to get deliverables change request approved by the specified employees.

Deliverables Revocation

Set up the deliverable revocation workflow to get deliverables revocation request approved by the specified employees.

Deliverables Sealing

Set up the deliverables sealing workflow to get deliverables sealing request approved by the specified employees.

Accounts Receivable

Invoice RequestsRaise invoice request against billing schedule of contracts, and get invoice requests approved by specified employees.
Invoice EntriesCreate invoice entry per invoice request, and post invoice entry to update Accounts Receiveables.
Receipt Entries

Enter bank receipt transactions against a specific customer to settle outstanding invoices.

A/R Inquiries

Provide a real-time inquiry on the aged invoice balance by customer.

 1.  The service above does not include the translation history conversion, which shall incur additional service charge.
 2.  The service above does not include the customization or development of any reports, which shall incur additional service charge.

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