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Founde in August 2006, Thinkive is a leading provider of finance technology solution in China. In the past 15 years, Thinkive has been developing the online and cloud-based operation management solutions for finance institutes in China, including securities, banking, funding and trust companies. So far, Thinkive has sucessfully delivered the cloud-based and intelligent finance technology solution for over 200 finance institutes.  

Thinkive turned into a medium-sized software company with over 900 employees in the 10th anniversary, and the human resource management and project costing process became the most-challenging problems to the management team. As a professional Information technology company, Thinkive always believes an all-in-one management solution is the right direction for a long term. This is why Norming PSA won the tender to implement a full-cycle project management portal for Thinkive in September 2016.

Norming PSA was implemented to cover the following management requirements.
1.  Employee Relationship Management,
2.  Employee Reruitment Management,
3.  Attendance and Leave Tracking,
4.  Benefit and Payroll Calculation,
5.  Sales Contracts Management,
6.  Project Initiation Request and Approval,
7.  Project Work Breakdown and Scheduling,
8.  Project Resource Planning and Budgeting,
9.  Timesheets Entry and Approval,
10. Expenses Entry and Approval,
11. Purchase Requisition and Approval,
12. Purchase Invoices and Payment,
13. Project Costing and Reportng.
14. Much more...

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