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J Studio


Publish Date:2020-07-30 00:00

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Founded by a Chinese Canadian architect in 2006, J Studio consists of passionate, competent, and skilled architects and designers. With the concept of delicate design, the company keeps trying the best to provide customers with high-quality services from initial planning to final designing, and finally to ensure a high-quality completion.

With the concept of delicate design, the core design team always provides customers with a combination of architectural design and facade technology, which ensures the beauty of architecture not only present in the rendering stage, but also in the final effect on the building. That is, the combination of aesthetic and technology, idea and reality.

J Studio is a small architectural designing company based in Shanghai, China.  Norming PSA was implemented to manage the project work breakdown, project scheduling and employee assignment. Timesheet Entry & Approval, and Expense Entry & Approval was also implemented to automate the project costing and billing process. 

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