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Established in 2002, AEAF International was formerly known as Percy Architectural Designing Co., Ltd.  AEAF International is committed to design and research in human living and wellness, providing integration of design and consulting services in architectural planning, landscape space, and outdoor installation art.

AEAF International always uphold an unique design concept, "let the ideal merge with reality". For every project, the architect team always tends to reconcile the relationship between human and nature, and create a human space that conforms to nature and cares for the soul through the study of the natural conditions, history and regional orientation of the project location,  the behavior habits and emotions of the people. Reconstruct the space into the spiritual place of modern people while meeting functional needs. 

A number of award-winning works helped AEAF International build up a good relationship with many well-known real estate enterprises in China. On the other side, the fast-growing business brought a big challenge to the management. 

Norming PSA was implemented in 2012 to resolve the management challenges with the following the functionalities.

1. Sales Opportunties Tracking,
2. Bidding Process Automation,
3. Sales Contracts Maintenance,
4. Project Cost Estimates,
5. Project Activites Scheduling,
6. Project Deliverables Tracking,
7. Timesheet and Expense Tracking,
8.  Leave and Attendance Tracking,
9.  Billing Process and Accounts Receivable,
10. Project-based Employee Appraisal.

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